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As a fan of the RTS I hear good things about the old games (such as the original command and conquer), and I found a lot of community support for Z, So I got it and found a patch for windows xp/vista and it was great.
Ok so the graphics aren't great but what did you really expect from a game made in 1996.

Firstly, the objective is to destroy the enemy HQ like any other RTS, however there is no base building (other than turrets) instead you capture territories which allow you to capture buildings (such as factories) however the enemy can also do this and take the territories of you which I thought was a brilliant way to add an ever changing battleground environment.

Secondly, the multiplayer is brilliant (except from having to use a separate program called the Zod Engine) you can have a maximum of 4 players and with a map maker it allowed me to create my own map and download other peoples maps which was a great way to expand the game.

Thirdly, the online community is still alive and active (which is surprising due to the fact of how old the game is) and even though it has potential for some great mods I think the only custom content it needs is just maps as the game engine is very adaptable.

A very good game 9/10 from but only because of the graphics really maybe an updated version?