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Command and Conquer:Genrals

 As a big fan of RTS people have always suggested to me that I try out command and conquer so I tried it out and looked for one of the most modern ones, so I found generals. And, I think it is a very good game it seems that the command and conquer title has lived up to it's fame and glory.

Firstly, The game engine is very well done as is the build and command system as it is very easy to get to grips with but a disappointing fact of the build system is that most of the squads are one person so it kind of lacks that epic battle proportion that RTS games normally have.

Secondly, The campaign allows you to play as three different factions in their own story! But, the campaign missions seem to have the same objectives, defend base, build units, swarm enemy! I wish that there were different objectives like a spy mission or a timer for a nuclear device or give the AI swarms of infantry but no tanks, something different!

Thirdly, there is a huge amount of custom content to try ( which, if you have read my other reviews, is something I care about dearly) which is varied greatly including maps, scripts and additional content. If you have the expansion (Zero Hour) you get a map maker for both the games it is so easy to get to grips with, that even I made a map! And, it worked!

Overall I give Command and Conquer: Generals a 7/10. A very good skirmish, good story, lots of custom content with an easy tool to make your own maps! But, maybe a bit more variety in objectives in the campaign mode and I would like to see squads of units rather than individual units.