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Act of War: Direct Action

  If you have read my other reviews you will realize that I have a passion for RTS games. Act of War was a game that I found for £2 at a cheap games store in Chester, so as you can imagine my first impressions were not very good. However for £2 I got a lot out of the game.

Firstly, I thought the campaign wasn't going to end as the campaign missions got gradually longer, the first mission was 5 minutes long the last took me up to an hour to complete, I also like the variety of objectives and "special" missions.

Secondly, the skirmish was a fun experience because you didn't get to play as the consortium or the US army in the campaign (which would be a good way to improve the campaign) and after you have crushed the enemy under your iron boot you can "experiment" with your units after because it doesn't end the game when you defeat the enemy!

Thirdly, there is very little custom content (other than maps!) for this game which is a disappointing fact because it has so much potential for mods! If you have read my other reviews you will realize that custom content is something that I care greatly for!

Overall, this game is very good but I would like to see Atari make an effort to inspire custom content (like release developer tools)and maybe more factions for the campaign 8/10 from me!