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This is a redo of my old website as I thought it needed a new look and frankly it was largely outdated as well. Mainly I will be posting reviews on the site however there may be other stuff (such as gaming news and computing news). In addition to this I may post files of mods I have done for games (Fallout 3 for example and Star Wars:EAW) and various links to others as well. I hope you enjoy this website as much as I enjoy making it.

UPDATE: 20/08/2012

Another Minecraft server

IP :

Website :

UPDATE: 08/05/2012

What Games do you want to see? (No not you the invisible guy behind you :P)

I think the time has come to put some games on but the question is which ones? What games would you like to see on the website.

Email me your suggestions to or post on the Forums! I look forward to your feedback on the matter.

Wasteland 2

Hey guys did you ever play wasteland? If not it was the birthplace of fallout and many people have wanted a sequel for years ( wasteland was released in 1988) anyway so check this out if you're interested.

Second Video!!!

Second Video this time flying a vertibird in Fallout: New Vegas!


Check out this awesome video of me playing skyrim (assassin's creed style) :D


UPDATE: 05/04/2012

Just updated the forums so that you can have avatars, also added a download page to the main site if you do mods for games and would like to upload one please contact me at

  UPDATE: 25/03/2012 (later that day...)

Finally got the beta of the forum done.

UPDATE: 25/03/2012

Finally started work on forums. I am going to Germany tomorrow but I am taking my laptop with me so no problems there should have some sort of beta up by the end of the week may finish it in a month's time (depending if it actually decides to work) ,but my question is if I go through all this trouble to make a forum then will you guys actually use it? Email me your thoughts and suggestions to me at:

I have also updated various things around the website. (such as the new awesome photo on the left and photos on all reviews)

UPDATE: 09/03/2012

Finally sorted out the dns thing now you can go directly to Also changed the colour scheme.  

UPDATE: 06/03/2012


I have realised that there is not much on this website and (other than the weird dns thing) needs a lot of work. I have had some ideas such as:

Forums: Have a separate forum where users will be able to post game related things as well as just general forum things.


Expanded Home Page: The home page is very small at the moment and I am looking for things to expand it such as updates like this one.


These are only some of the thoughts I've had, however I am open to suggestions. If you have a suggestion for how I could improve my website, Email me at with the title of suggestions.